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Created 25-Nov-16
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Game of Thrones.

How apropos for such a crazy complicated crew. What a wild party that was!
The Great costumes were very impressive.
Here is a collection of images from the evening. I hope you like them.

All images can be downloaded free of charge, for your personal use on Facebook, printing or whatever.

P.S. I can fix blinks, blemishes etc in some cases. If you want changes, please let me know.

Comments welcome.



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Clan Portraits

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Clan Portraits

Throne Room Posers

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Throne Room Posers


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Guestbook for Xmas Party 2016
Michelle Cox(non-registered)

Your ability to capture unique and telling aspects of all the quirky personalities that were there is truly masterful!

You are a fine craftsman - and an unsurpassed student of human nature!

Thank you so very much for spending your time capturing all of the evidence (ok, much of it). I promise Marcy - my red cup was empty when I came in and I was just looking for a garbage. You took some amazing photos Evan! I'm so happy I made it out after 10 years of hibernation.
Melanie Majore(non-registered)
Thank you Evan for your hard work! The pictures are amazing. I'm certain every person on this website are just as happy as I am.
You're the best! Can't wait till next year's party. It'll be bigger and better than this one.
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