Here they are. I hope you like them.

(Downsized Candid shots from the evening can also be found on this website...have a look here: )

Unfortunately, those who had their portraits done while there was a longer lineup, do not have as many images & options. I hope there are still some you can like.

I have done very little cropping (Although some images would really benefit from it) to allow for different print options. e.g. 5x7 or 8x10 etc. The resolution is high enough to allow for large prints - even 16 x 24 inches or more.

These images are available for your own personal unrestricted use.

1. You can just Download the original images (pretty large, ~ 21 MP full size jpegs). To do this, just hover your mouse over the displayed image & you will see the download original option show up. You can then take these files to any local print outlet like London Drugs or Lens & Shutter etc. to get prints to your specifications.

2. You can order prints through the website print order process. I understand the quality of these Prints is quite good. I have no financial interest in this by the way.

3. I can custom print these off for you & mail them to you. (I would charge $15.00 each for 5x7 & $20.00 for 8x10's)

If you have any questions or would like further editing or would like to order professional quality custom prints, please email me at: