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Portraits of Dad's & Daughters & a few other groupings from the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children Fund Raiser Butterfly Ball.

What a handsome bunch...

If you wish to have prints, you can download the full files here, or have Zenfolio print some for you...reasonable prices & good quality I understand. ( I have no financial interest in this service.) Alternatively, if you wish to have custom professional quality prints made, I can provide these on a personalized basis - just email me for further details.

Full size downloads can be obtained by hovering mouse over the left side of the displayed image & choose the menu option for "Download Original"

Most images are 16+ megapixels in the 5x7 aspect ratio. If other aspect ratios such as 4 x 6 or 8 x 10 are desired, this can be done by cropping the downloaded image or contacting me for a different processing.

Any questions, comments or problems?
email me at: eheffa-at-effoto.com (replace "-at-" with @)